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Thomas H. Shiah is a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer and litigator with more than 35 years of experience trying cases at the state and federal level. Starting his career in antitrust law, he brings that experience and insight into his criminal defense practice of health care, wire and mail fraud.

Specific areas of the legal practice at the Law Offices Of Thomas H. Shiah, Ltd., include:

Health Care Fraud

Accusations of illegally securing health care benefits through fraud carry significant penalties beyond criminal sentences. Legal representation is needed from an attorney. Minneapolis trial lawyer Thomas H. Shiah has represented Social Security recipients and day care providers alleged to have wrongfully obtained benefits and corporate entities accused of fraudulent billing.

He navigates his clients through the complex legal process of billing and reimbursement procedures for federal- and state-funded programs.

Wire Fraud And Mail Fraud

The use of postal mail, email, telephone, computer, Internet or other communications for alleged deceptive practices can lead to serious federal criminal charges. Mail and wire fraud are often part of additional alleged fraudulent acts that involve health care, credit card, mortgage and telemarketing.

Most clients contact our law firm after law enforcement shows up at their home or business without advance notice and with warrants. They conduct unscheduled searches and leave with the evidence they need. A sudden inconvenience can turn into a lengthy and complex criminal process that requires the immediate help of an attorney.

In addition to the above areas of practice, Thomas H. Shiah also represents Minnesota residents charged with racketeering, homicide, drug charges, sexual assault, drunk driving and arson.

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